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Very often the community can help you solve issues faster than our support. Consider asking for help in our Telegram Group or Discord Channel. We also do our best to always have at least one support staff online in both groups!

Frequently asked Questions

What is CVZA and Cerveza brewery about

Cerveza is a DeFi project on the Tezos network.
Please check our homepage. Like always, feel free to get in touch if you're looking for information we did not provide yet!

Where can I buy Cerveza CVZA?

You can now buy CVZA directly on our website using Tezos: Buy CVZA now.
Other ways of investing, including paying with BNB / BSC tokens and Ethereum are currently developed and will be released soon.

Is there a referral program?

There is currently a referral program that gives early access to the liquidity farm brewery, which will be launched shortly. The more people join the waiting list via your referral link, the higher you will go up in the ranking of those who get access to the brewery first.
Early access will be strictly limited. Since staking rewards are distributed among all stakers, very high profits can be realized during the time until staking is opened for everyone, which makes this referral program very lucrative. To participate, you only need to register for the waiting list and then share the referral link you receive with friends and relatives. Anyone who signs up using your link will be counted (investment not required).

Referral Program with CVZA payouts

We are currently considering the development of a referral program for the brewery as well. The following compensation plan might be used, although nothing has been decided yet: Every active staker (LP or normal staking) gets its own affiliate link with which he or she can advertise and recruit new stakers brewers. A withdrawal fee could be charge when investors claim their rewards from brewing and this fee could be distributed to the person who recruited the brewer.
At this point we want to collect more feedback if this method would be welcomed by the community.

How can I support the project?

Thanks for supporting us! The next beer is on us. Here's how you can help us grow.

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