How can I support CVZA?

First of all thank you for your interest and trust you have in our project and its token Cerveza! While CVZA was started as a test or "just for fun" in the beginning, we have now built an awesome team and developed a use-case which will not only ensure the continuous value increase of the Cerveza token, it will also bring add value to the Tezos ecosystem in general.
By supporting CVZA you will not only help us grow and evolve, a significant increase in the value of your investment is also very likely and can be positively influenced by you.

Here are a few easy steps you can take that will help introducing CVZA to a larger audience:

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    Follow all our social media profiles: You can currently find us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube.
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    Share important company announcements with your followers.
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    Join our communities on Telegram and Discord, be part of the discussion and help us with your feedback to develop an even better version of
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    Use the cashtags and hashtags $CVZA, #CVZA, #Cerveza, #CERVEZAtoken when talking about and/or Cerveza ($CVZA).
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    Provide liquidity to our liquidity pool (How to)
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    Use #XTZgem and #XTZgems when discussing Tezos tokens in general.

Recommend the portal and the CVZA token CVZA to your friends and acquaintances.

Our product is a niche product that is particularly interesting for entrepreneurs and developers on the service side and requires a certain amount of know-how on the investor side. A friend or family member who previously had no contact with cryptocurrencies or who only bought and sold on mainstream exchanges will have difficulties getting started with DeFi products such as
Offer your help and guide the person through the process. This kind of "work" can be very exhausting at times! Just remember how much you will change the life of your friend showing him the almost infinite income opportunities of DeFi!
Of course, you can always refer to our support if you have any problems. However, if you offer help to help your friends and relatives yourself, it is more likely that they will not abandon the investment process.
A waiting list for the brewery is now available, you can secure your spot here. You will be provided with a referral link after signing up for the waiting list. Share this link with your friends and relatives to tell them about the about the possibility of earning a passive income with our DeFi solution.
Sharing information about our farm brewery does not only make more people aware of our project, you will also go up in the waiting list ranking for every referred user, giving you earlier access to the brewery.

Would you like to become involved even more?

We're always happy to receive support from marketers, content writers and artists who would like to promote CVZA and/or Do you have a significant number of followers and/or are you an influencer with a crypto-affine audience? Let's talk! We can give you early access to feature releases and share updates with you before they are announced, giving your channel the advantage of exclusive news.
Please note: Although payment for your marketing activities can be discussed, we will reject a request of this type in most cases. We as the team behind are firmly convinced that organic growth will bring the project further in the long term than paid advertising. In other words: We want you to talk about us because you like what we're building and not because we pay you for it 😉