How to add liquidity to the Quipuswap CVZA liquidity pool

We have prepared a tutorial to show you how to support the Cerveza community by adding liquidity to the $XTZ/$CVZA pair on Quipuswap.
(Not financial advice).

These steps will be covered in this tutorial:

  • How to connect your wallet to Quipuswap
  • How to add liquidity to the $XTZ/$CVZA pair to Receive $CVZA liquidity pool (LP) tokens
In case you did not buy XTZ and/or CVZA yet check this tutorial:
You can also buy CVZA directly on our website. Learn how: buy CVZA with Kukai Wallet.

Connecting to Quipuswap

After buying XTZ and CVZA, move both assets to Kukai or Temple wallet (Spire and Galleon are also supported).
Go to and click on one of the buttons at the top right corner:
A window will pop up where you’ll have to confirm connecting your wallet. Click on “connect”.
You should now be able to see your Tezos address and $XTZ total where the “Connect to a Wallet” button was before.

Adding Liquidity to the $XTZ/$CVZA Pair

You can now add liquidity to the $XTZ/$CVZA pool. An equal value of $XTZ and $SOIL is required for this. On Quipuswap click on the “Invest” link:
Now select CVZA. You can also click and bookmark this link.
You can now select how much $XTZ and $CVZA you want to add to the liquidity pool. Keep in mind to always leave some Tezos on your wallet (e.g. 0.5XTZ) so you can cover gas fees for future transactions.
After choosing the amount to add, click on “add liquidity” and confirm the wallet prompts.
Congratulations! You have successfully added to the Cerveza liquidity pool, making it more save and decentralized.

What next? Start brewing!

You'll receive a $XTZ/$CVZA LP token in return for adding liquidity to the pool which can be staked in the brewery for extra $CVZA rewards. All "brewers" also have the chance to receive shares of airdrops done through our tool.
Go to the brewery: Click here.