How to buy CVZA with Temple Wallet

Temple wallet does now support swapping tokens without leaving the wallet. Here's how to buy CVZA using this method.
Adding CVZA tokens to your portfolio has become even easier! You can now do all of this from within the Temple wallet.

Installing Temple wallet

Temple wallet (ex Thanos) is a browser plugin wallet with support for FA1.2 FA2 tokens. It is available for Chrome, Firefox and Brave browser. It can be downloaded here.
You can always your wallet next to the address bar in your browser
After installing the browser extension, you will get to the start page where you can Import an existing wallet or create a new one.
Make sure to only proceed if you're using a secure internet connection! Create your new wallet now, choose a save password and accept the terms of use:
Temple wallet will now create your seed phrase. If you forget your password or if you want to enter the wallet with a different device, you can restore your wallet using this phrase.
Save the seed phrase in a secure place, write it on a piece of paper or use Apple keychain, a password manager software, etc. Do not share these 12 words with anyone! It's important to understand, that your wallet can be accessed and all fund transferred out from anywhere with your seed phrase. After confirming this last steps your new wallet is now ready for use 😎

Buying XTZ

Currently it's not possible to buy Tezos (XTZ) from within Temple wallet. You can Buy Tezos on many Exchanges, e.g. Kraken, Coinbase or Binance.

Transfer XTZ to Temple wallet

Next we'll withdraw the Tezos you just bought to your new wallet!
Open Temple wallet and click on the address shown at the top to copy it:
Use this address in your exchange account as withdrawal address!

Swap XTZ for CVZA

Now you're ready to get your CVZA 🍺! Click on Temple wallet again and choose Swap:
Next you'll have to add Cerveza token to the wallet: Copy the contract below and paste it in the "To" field. Choose Token ID 0:
You only have to do this step once, the next time you will be able to select CVZA from the dropdown list. Choose the amount of XTZ you want to use and click on Swap:
Confirm the transaction on the next screen and you're done! Your Cervezas should arrive in your wallet within the next 2 minutes 🍻

What if the transaction fails?

Transactions might fail if you're trying to swap a big amount or when there's currently high trading volume. In this case, increase the slippage fee and try again: