How to buy $CVZA with Kukai Wallet

Why Kukai wallet?

You can currently buy CVZA using several Tezos wallets: Spire, Temple (ex Thanos), Galleon, Kukai or your Ledger nano. We use Beacon to connect with those wallets which means more wallets will be supported as soon as Beacon adds them to their SDK.
Kukai is easy to use and does not need a browser extension like Spire or Temple nor an installed App like Galleon. That also means you can run it in Safari and don't need to install Chrome or Firefox on a Mac computer. It can even be used on mobile, although there isn't an app available yet and usability still needs improvements on phones.

Signing up for Kukai

Go to the website of Kukai Wallet:
You can choose between importing an existing wallet, connecting using Ledger, creating a new wallet or signing up using your existing Google, Twitter or Reddit log in credentials.
Signing up with DirectAuth and your Twitter, Google or Reddit handle is not only super fast. Other Kukai users will also be able to send CERVEZA tokens or Tezos using your social network username.

Transferring XTZ to Kukai

In your Kukai Account, click the copy icon next to your wallet address:
Then head over to your exchange and withdraw XTZ to your Kukai wallet.

Buying CVZA on

As soon as the withdrawal has been confirmed and your Tezos show up in your wallet, you can head over to and purchase your CVZA tokens directly on our website. In the top menu, click on Direct Swap or Buy CVZA
Klick Connect Wallet and choose Kukai from the list
Your wallet will be opened in a separate tab where you'll have to log in (in case you're not logged in already) and approve the connection request
After this, switch back to the browser tab with You will see that the buttons have changed and you can now purchase CVZA:
Select the amount you want to invest and click on Buy CZA. Switch back to the browser tab with your Kukai wallet and confirm the transaction there. That's it! You're now the proud owner of CVZA.
Please wait for the transaction to be confirmed. You have successfully purchased CVZA as soon as you see the confirmation in your wallet! However, it can sometimes several minutes until new token show up in your wallet.

Confirming successful purchase

Kukai can be a little slow sometimes and maybe you want to make sure everything went as planned. In this case, copy your wallet address and open Tz Kt Explorer.
Paste your wallet address in the search form and hit Enter. On the following page, click on Tokens. You will see your CVZA tokens here as soon as the transaction is confirmed
Did this guide help you? Did we forget something or did something not work as planned or described here? Let us know on Discord or Telegram, the community is here to help you!